Arpac Brand TS37 Model Shrink Wrapper

Unlike conventional film inverters that have a 45 degree transfer onto film, our TS37 model uses a 90 degree film former to ensure equal transfer of grouped products without skewing a product configuration. This is ideal for multi-packs and irregular shaped products. The machine features an electronically adjustable pouch length, which enables “on-the-fly” bag length changes without changing flight spacing. All adjustments are made with a user-friendly color touchscreen where product changeovers can be completed quickly and easily – without tools.

This machine uses single wound film, removing the need for an external film centerfolder. With nVenia’s NextGen side seal technology integrated into the TS37 model, this system provides strong attractive trim seals using polyolefin, PVC or polyethylene shrink film. The cross-seal system uses a hot knife seal and cut-off, with a precision temperature control that maintains accurate heat settings. An independently driven scrap removal system compacts excess film.

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  • Heavy-duty rugged construction for high durability and 24/7 operation
  • Cross seal can change over from horizontal to vertical orientation in under 30 minutes – this feature provides the maximum flexibility for a wide range of product sizes and configurations
  • Adjustable film forming head
  • Continuous motion seal head for smooth product transitions
  • Slide out film rack with needle wheel air evacuation assembly
  • Evenly wound trim removal system compacts film trim for easy disposal
  • Central point lubrication simplifies preventive maintenance


  • Various length and size lugged and belted infeeds
  • Print registered film kit
  • Cross seal closing conveyor for short length product
  • Low profile package guide for short height product
  • Film former support for light weight product

Standard Specs


Output speed: up to 60 packages per minute (based on product specifications)
Up to 80 feet per minute

Electrical Power Requirements

240V, 3Ph, 60 Hz, 20A

Compressed Air Requirements

5 SCFM at 80psi

Width (across machine)

Horizontal seal – 2″-16”
Vertical seal – 2″-7.5”

Length (flow direction)


Height Range

Horizontal seal – 0.25″-7.5”
Vertical seal – 2″-12”

Film Roll Diameter

14” Maximum

Film Gauge

30-75 gauge polyolefin or 1-3 mil low density polyethylene

Film Type

LDPE, Polyolefin

Other Film Specifications

Maximum width 37″, single-wound

Machine Diimensions

63″ W x 173″ L x 60″ H

Shipping Weight

2,500 lb

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