Hamer Brand High Speed Robotic Bag Palletizer

Our Hamer Brand High Speed Robotic Bag Palletizer represents the first 26-28 Bag per minute robotic bag palletizer in the market.  For applications with pallet stacks in the 60” height range such as Soils, Salt, Chemicals, Packaged concrete and other high bulk density bags, these can now run at speeds approaching traditional conventional palletizer system rates.  This is accomplished with a smaller footprint, lower up-front capital costs, and significantly lower annual maintenance costs.  

These systems are available in semi-automatic or fully automatic configurations.  A semi-automatic configuration describes an operation where bags are fed to the palletizing robot and placed on a stacking station with floor positioned empty pallets. Full pallets are then picked up by fork trucks or pallet jacks for wrapping prior to shipment. A fully automatic configuration features a pallet dispenser, slip sheet dispenser, and automatic full pallet conveyors.  This system feeds empty pallets to stacking stations where a robotic arm stacks bags onto the pallet. Once a pallet is completed, it is transported via automatic powered conveyors to an integrated pallet wrapping machine or hooding equipment.

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A wide variety of configurations and system designs are available, including a Palletizer Preventative Maintenance service program.

An RPM Palletizer System typically includes:

  • PL 190/100 4 axis, 100KG robotic arm
  • YRC1000 Robot Controller
  • High-Speed main axis servo
  • Robot mounting base plate/riser
  • 18” robot riser
  • Allen-Bradley PLC with touchscreen
  • EasyPic operator software pallet configuration
  • MaxPic pallet configuration
  • Industrial End of Arm Tool options
  • ANSI/RIA safety protocols
  • Automated systems use a standard 18” CDLR Top of Roller pass height.


For a full range of options, please contact your regional sales manager.

  • Various safety cell guarding options
  • Floor mounted wire tray
  • Additional E-stops
  • Additional pallet patterns
  • 10 meter robot master control cable
  • YX1000 chiller for high temperature operations
  • End Of Arm Tooling:
    • Bag Clamp, single or multiple pick
    • Bag Clamp, fixed size, manually adjustable or, servo/automatically adjustable
    • Case Grip, single or multiple pick
    • Fork Style, multiple pick
    • Vacuum, single or multiple pick
  • Multi-function end of arm tooling:
    • Pallet pick/place
    • Slip-sheet pick/place
    • Auto tool change
    • Auto height sensor
  • Multiple pick points
  • Multiple stack points
  • Custom conveying for bag, case, bucket/pails conditioning, in-feed, pacing, picking, power curves, checkweighing, metal detection, accumulating
  • Corrosion resistant packages for conveyors
  • Automatic pallet dispenser
  • Automatic slip sheet dispenser
  • Pallet racks
  • Slip sheet racks
  • Mulch/soil stack box
  • CDLR full pallet conveyors
  • 90 degree full pallet transfer
  • Quad muting light curtains for continuous operation (semi automatic)
  • Integrated automatic stretch wrapper or stretch hooder
  • Automated, semi-automated or manual bagging systems

Bag Types

For more information on the variety of bags and products we can handle, please contact your Hamer sales representative.

Standard Specs


Palletizing Rate: 26-28 Bags per minute

Electrical Power Requirements

380-480VAC, 3 Ph, 60 Hz

Compressed Air Requirements

2 CFM @ 80 psi

Bag Weight

60 lbs maximum

Max Pallet Height


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