Hamer Brand Model 540 Form Fill and Seal (FFS) Packaged Ice Machine

Our Hamer Model 540 Ice Bagging Machine provides versatility and high speed in fully automated bagging of packaged ice. The Hamer Brand 540 incorporates a hot air top seal, which consumes 10% less film than wire tie machines and supports bag sizes from 5 lbs to 40lbs all in one convenient package. Offering speeds of 40 bags per minute the model 540 incorporates the latest in automated controls, making bag size changes fast and easy. Touch screen controls make operator training and machine operation simple. It includes a 304 stainless steel volumetric feeder with food grade UHMW hopper and lining.

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  • 304 stainless steel frame and product contact
  • Easy Run™ hot air seal bag top closing reduces film use
  • 15″ vertical roll holder
  • AC variable speed heat sealer and volumetric feeder

Standard Specs

Bag Sizes

Width: 11″ to 18″

Length: 14″ to 35″

Weight: 5 lb/2 kg to 40 lb/20 kg

Thickness: 1.75 mil to 4 mil


Up to 40 BPM

Power Requirements

220 VAC, Single Phase, 60 Hz

Air Requirements

32 CFM @ 80 PSI clean/dry air 

Note: air consumption increases with some applications



  • 50Hz electrical
  • Allen-Bradley MicroLogix PLC
  • Opposite side panel
  • CE approved main panel
  • Rotary bag top trimmer with scrap removal system
  • Handle maker assembly
  • Gusset former
  • Embossing coders kits (4 or 8 character)
  • Ink jet printer
  • Speed up kit to run 
  • 35″ roll holder (machine mounted or on wheel stand)
  • Core lift for 35″ rolls
  • Replacement trimmer assembly
  • Re-closable seal/zipper
  • Re-closable seal/zipper easy open bag perforation
  • Robotic palletizer kit

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