Arpac Brand MTE Model Tray Former

Our Arpac Brand MTE Model is an intermittent motion tray former.

The MTE Model automatically erects trays using a hot melt glue system at speeds up to 25 trays per minute. This system is ruggedly built and compact in size with simple tool-less adjustments between tray sizes. The MTE Model is used in a variety of industries and can be easily integrated with other packaging equipment.

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  • Heavy-duty rugged construction designed for high durability and 24/7 operation
  • Nordson ProBlue® hot melt glue system
  • Easy load and adjust 150 capacity blank hopper
  • Positive blank control with Venturi vacuum pull-down system
  • Quick tray punch changeover
  • Tool-less changeovers with scales for setup repeatability
  • Clear Lexan guard doors with interlocking safety system for operator protection and easy access


  • Power magazine with additional tray blank capacity
  • Inclined conveyor for tray discharge


  • B flute Kraft corrugation
  • Burst strength: 150 or 200 lb. per square inch
  • Balanced outside and inside liners to avert warped blanks
  • Minimum combined weight facings: 98 lb. per square inch

Glue Type

  • Food grade hot melt adhesive
  • Transparent, odorless, granulated
  • 0.5 – 1 second set time
  • Ejected at 300º to 350ºF (160º to 180º C)

Standard Specs


Up to 25 trays per minute

Electrical Power Requirements

230VAC, 3 Ph, 60Hz (460VAC optional)

Compressed Air Requirements

80 psi at 40 SCFM

Product Dimensions

Min: 9″ W x 6″ L x 1.5″ H (or 7″ W if at least 8.5″ L)

Max: 30″ W x 20″ L x 6″ H

Blank Dimensions

Max 42″ W x 34″ L

Tray Height

1.5″ – 6″

Machine Dimensions

99″ L x 78″ W x 77″ H

Machine Weight

~1000 lbs (higher with options)

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